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Patients First - No Stroke Untreated

A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will improve the lives of stroke victims in regional Queensland with better access to life saving treatments.

The Problem 

According to the Stroke Foundation, 10,000 Queenslanders suffer a stroke every year and one in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime with 65 per cent of stroke survivors suffering a disability that will impede their ability to carry out daily activities unassisted.

Most of Queensland do not have access to time critical treatments and it is costing lives.

Only 5 per cent of stroke patients receive life-saving and time critical, clot-busting treatments in Queensland, with almost all regional sufferers missing out.

There is next to no stroke support for people in regional Queensland despite advances in treatment, meaning improved recovery and survival.

A new clot busting drug, Thrombolysis needs to be administered within four and a half hours of stroke symptoms coming on, and only qualified specialists can administer or order the use of such drugs.

Our Record 

In government, the LNP delivered better access to health services by reducing waiting lists and significantly reducing ambulance ramping.

We doubled the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme and the mileage subsidy, making it more affordable for regional Queenslanders to travel to access health services.

We also re-opened maternity units in regional hospitals such as Beaudesert giving families greater access to local birthing services.

It was the LNP that established the Hospital and Health Services and put greater control of local clinical care in the hands of local communities.

Our Real Plan 

1. Fair Access to Stroke Treatment
A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will invest $1.26 million to roll-out a Queensland-wide Stroke Tele-medicine (QST) service that allows people in regional Queensland to get access to specialists and new therapies such a thrombolysis (clot dissolving drugs).

QST will link 14 sites to stroke specialists and deliver equality to acute stroke care for regional Queenslanders.

Sites identified include Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Cairns, Mackay, Gympie, Caboolture, Ayr, Ipswich, Gladstone, Innisfail, Warwick, Mt Isa, Redcliffe, Rockhampton.

The model is based on a successful scheme in Victoria and supported by The Stroke Foundation.

2. FAST Action
A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will also support the Stroke Foundation’s FAST campaign with $2.16 million in funding over 3 years. (Face, Arms, Speech and Time) The objective of the campaign is to ensure every Queensland household has someone who knows the signs of stroke.

A state-wide FAST strategy specifically targeting young adults (including targeted resources to support younger stroke survivors).

Our investment will help expand the existing FAST campaign across Queensland with a focus on regional, rural and remote areas. Investing in FAST will support the state-wide telestroke service, ensuring that as many people as possible recognise the signs of stroke FAST and are eligible for time-critical treatments.

Younger people are often confronted by stroke in their families through their spouses, parents and grandparents. Our plan will help support a campaign to ensure that at least one person in every household knows the FAST message.

Part of our Plan to Build a Better Queensland

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