New Deal for Regional Queensland - Better Queensland

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Our ‘New Deal’ to build a better future for Regional Queensland is about creating jobs and delivering much needed infrastructure. 

We understand that in regional Queensland there are different challenges, from Longreach to Bundaberg and Dysart to St George and that’s why we have pledged our ‘New Deal’.

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Grant ‘priority project’ status to a new economically viable low-emission coal-fired power station in North Queensland.

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Deliver a plan to provide ongoing support for our resources industry, particularly coal jobs in central Queensland.

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Implement a 10 year action plan to improve the Bruce Highway.

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Ensure fair Vegetation Management laws remain in place as we believe farmers are best placed to care for their land. 

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Build new infrastructure including dams to provide water security and job creating agricultural projects. 

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Continue to be the only party that fights for canegrowers and farmers with workable policy solutions. 

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Tougher measures to tackle the regional crime crisis and stop the revolving door in youth justice. 

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A comprehensive tourism plan, including free WiFi hotspots. 

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Implement the $500 million Royalties for Regions infrastructure program exclusively for regional Queensland.

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Protect and enhance the Great Barrier Reef and the 60,000 jobs directly linked to it. 

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Implement a $100 million youth jobs package to tackle youth unemployment and assist small business. 

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Implement our comprehensive Ice Strategy, to reduce drug abuse, take Ice off our streets and out of our towns.