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Labor’s dumping grounds for young offenders finally revealed

  • Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor’s dumping ground for young violent offenders finally revealed
  • Labor’s apologetic Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath puts the interest of violent young offenders ahead of Queensland families
  • The LNP makes absolutely no apologies for standing up for victims and families and being tough on crime

Townsville, Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Mt Isa have finally been revealed as Annastacia Palaszczuk’s dumping grounds for young violent offenders.

LNP Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker said Labor had utterly botched the release of 17-year-olds from adult prisons and now had created another headache for themselves.

“These young violent offenders are in detention for a reason. There is no sugar-coating this fact,” Mr Walker said.

“Let’s be very clear, they are not in detention for stealing a lolly-pop from the corner store. 

“They are accused armed robbers, people who have violently assaulted others and recidivist offenders.

“They are also the ones who break into your family home at night when you are sleeping to steal your belongings and your car.

“The LNP believes these violent young offenders - deemed by the courts as unfit to remain in the community - are not misunderstood in the way Labor’s apologetic Attorney-General has tried to dupe Queenslanders.

“The LNP make no apologies for standing up for victims and families and being tough on crime.”

Mr Walker said Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath should also hang her head in utter shame at comments she made today trying to link these young violent offenders with the same-sex marriage survey.

“It was disgraceful to liken the debate on this issue to the current survey on same-sex marriage,” he said.

“It was absolutely disgusting to even assert that and a new low even for this Attorney-General.” 

Mr Walker said it was unsurprising to learn the suburban detention house earmarked for Annerley was no longer on the list after Deputy-Premier Jackie Trad kyboshed the plan for one in her electorate when she learnt of it.

“While it seems that Jackie Trad has veto power over having one in her backyard, other communities don’t have the same luxury,” he said.

“It is also interesting that the rollout for 17-year-old offenders has been pushed back a further three months from November 2017 to February 2018.

“One can only speculate as to why this decision was made. I suspect it was done to ensure Queenslanders weren’t reminded of it happening until after the state election.”

Mr Walker said the transition of 17-year-olds from adult jails had been a debacle from day one and the suburban detention centre plan was a knee-jerk reaction to a problem Labor has created.

“Labor’s solution to the problem they created is to simply let these young thugs out in to the community,” he said.

“Labor can’t control these young offenders in a secure centre so I doubt they will be able to control them in a suburban detention centre.

“Labor have lost control of the youth detention system and that not only impacts on the chances of troubled young Queenslanders turning their lives around, but it now affects the safety of local communities and families located near these suburban detention houses.”

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