Meet Judi van Manen - LNP for Macalister

Meet Judi van Manen

LNP for Macalister


Local Family

I’ve lived in this community since I was a child and have seen the enormous growth that’s occurred, especially over the last two decades. I have always been interested in what’s going on in our local area and understand that we need local solutions for local problems. My sons are adults now and just starting in their own careers. Like many parents, I want them to have opportunities in our local area.


An Active Community Member

I have volunteered for many years with local charities, community and sporting groups, schools and their P&C’s. My husband and boys are keen sportsmen, so I’ve spent a lot of time running them around to sporting grounds over the years. I’ve owned small businesses and it has given me an understanding of the struggles people face when you have a government that holds business back – instead of helping.


Listening to Locals

People are frustrated and angry. Our local roads are congested as people try to avoid the M1, unemployment is on the rise especially for young people and people are struggling to understand why their power bills are so high. This do-nothing Labor Government is ignoring our concerns or busy blaming everyone else. It’s not good enough and we deserve better.


Team Work Delivers Results

As your Liberal National candidate for Macalister, I’ll always fight for your interests. Our community needs a plan to ensure we have decent roads to drive on; sporting facilities for our kids to use; and the security for families to feel safe. We don’t need blame shifting or another review.

I will always listen, plan and act to ensure our community’s needs are heard and fight for our fair share. With your support at the upcoming state election, together, we can build a better Macalister.