Meet Jamie Forster - LNP for McConnel

Meet Jamie Forster

LNP for McConnel

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Jamie Family

Local Family

My family and I have lived in McConnel for close to a decade and love living in this community. I’ve built and grown my small business here and am proud to have contributed to our local area. I live with my wife Mandy and our two beautiful daughters.

Jamie Community

An Active Community Member

Community service has always been part of my life. My community service includes serving as a committee member on my local historical society and volunteer tutoring with St Vincent de Paul. I’ll always do whatever I can to support volunteers and community groups in their work.

Jamie Locals

Listening to Locals

Everywhere I go, people tell me they’re sick of a do-nothing Labor government - the trains don’t run on time; our roads are congested; and businesses feel like they’re stuck in quicksand. As a small business owner, I know what it takes to create jobs and provide job security. That’s why I’m committed to being part of a better government, providing answers – not excuses.

Jamie Teamwork

Team Work Delivers Results

As your Liberal National Party candidate for McConnel, I am committed to fighting for local jobs and investment. A strong, growing economy is the best way to ensure families have the best possible health and education services, and a safer community. With your support at the next election, I will fight for your interests to secure a prosperous future for McConnel and Queensland.