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Generational Job Match

A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will provide greater support to the forgotten men and women and help them re-train, find a job or learn a new skill.

The Problem 

A shrinking global marketplace, our lack of international labour competitiveness and increased technology means that some of the blue collar, traditional industries are changing their need for manual labour.

Recent ABS figures confirm that Queenslanders are earning less under Labor and it’s getting harder and harder to get more working hours and hold on to a job.

Wages growth under Labor and Annastacia Palaszczuk is the weakest in the nation.

Queenslanders would be earning almost $1,200 extra every year if wages growth in Queensland had kept pace with the rest of the country since the last election.

While manufacturing output is decreasing across the nation, the reduction in Queensland was over 20% higher than the national average in 2015-16, meaning fewer jobs than Victoria or New South Wales.

Apprenticeship and traineeship commencements and completions continue to go backwards. Under Labor, the number of Queenslanders in training has fallen off a cliff.

It’s clear that Labor’s policy of doing nothing is not working.

Our Record 

In government, the LNP had a successful apprenticeship pledge that was working to boost opportunities to upskill young Queenslanders. We refocused TAFE on the skills that Queensland businesses needed, not the courses which TAFE wanted to teach.

Our training plan was all about jobs, not training for the sake of training.

We focused on supporting those who put a hand up, not just provide another handout.

Our Real Plan 

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will boost support for mature-age job seekers looking to upskill, re-train and change careers or simply find a job.

Our plan to Get Queensland Working will provide up to 20,000 jobs for young Queenslanders, boost apprenticeships and provide greater support for small businesses to train and retain young jobseekers.

Building on this policy to help young Queensland job seekers, the LNP has a plan to increase support for mature-age job seekers, the forgotten Queenslanders. These are men and women who may have lost their job or fear what the future holds for their job and want to change careers because of new technology or the changing nature of the international labour market.

Our $20.25 million plan to support mature-age job seekers includes: 

1. Investing $9 million to support the establishment of a dedicated job and skills match co-ordination service, helping mature-aged job seekers upskill and find a training course or program that will lead to a job. 

The new job and skills match co-ordination service will:

  • Help employers find mature-age apprentices who want to continue in their training
  • Help retrenched apprentices find another job in their chosen trade
  • Support job seekers with advice about how to access training or what they need to know about a particular job, and
  • Conduct tech savvy workshops across Queensland to help mature-age jobseekers who may need to improve their skillset.

2. Identifying skills shortages and workforce needs now and into the future, by working with industry as part of a revamped Ministerial Skills and Industry Board. We will invest $5.25 million to provide greater incentives that address skills shortages on the Queensland Skills Shortage List.

3. Partnering with industry to improve training completion rates, through proven trade training programs with a $5 million training co-investment fund.

4. Establishing a standing Industry Training Best Practice Council to work with the Commonwealth Government, improve training standards and ensure that course development is in-line with modern industry needs and expectations. The LNP will invest $1 million to support the new Council, which will:

  • improve training quality and development by ensuring that industry has a seat at the table and can better monitor and enforce standards and best practice
  • increase apprenticeship take-up and completion rates through a trial of a common first year training, providing greater flexibility for mature age apprentices, while not diminishing the quality of the training that is delivered, and
  • establish a RPL (recognition of prior learning) industry standard that recognises previous skills for mature-age workers changing careers or upskilling.

5. Revitalising Skilling Queenslanders for Work to provide a greater link with upskilling for employment needs, not just training for the sake of training.

6. Ensuring TAFE is focused on modern forms of engagement and course delivery methods.

The forgotten men and women who are lost in the generational labour market shift will be forgotten no longer.

This is our plan to help these forgotten Queenslanders find a job or learn a new skill to help them and their families get ahead, as we Build a Better Queensland.

Part of our Plan to Build a Better Queensland

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