Meet Deb Frecklington - Deputy Leader of the Liberal National Party

Meet Deb Frecklington

Deputy Leader of the Liberal National Party

Deb Frecklington Local Family

Local Family

I’m a country girl born and bred. I grew up on a cattle property in Guluguba, north of Miles in Western Queensland. My parents worked the land to make a living, provide opportunities for their children and instill in us a love of regional Queensland and its people

Regional Queensland is my home and where my husband,  Jason and I chose to raise our family. Jason and I first met at the Cattleman’s Bar at the Ekka and were married five years later. I am now the lucky mother to three wonderful girls and we call the town of Kingaroy, in the South Burnett, home. 

Deb Frecklington Kingaroy

Early Opportunities

Like many Queenslanders, I started work straight out of high school - working at Fletcher Jones.

I was keen for new opportunities so went back to school at night to improve my grades and get into university to study business.

Back then it was easier to get different jobs and I spent time being a Jillaroo, selling newspaper advertising, working as a cattle property manager and as an office receptionist. 

Deb Frecklington Community

An Active Community Member

I eventually studied law at QUT and became a partner in my own firm. At times, I was the only female lawyer in the entire South Burnett region. I practiced in property and family law, did free legal work for victims of domestic violence and developed a special interest in farm succession planning.  

Through my court work and talking to local police, I noticed that we had a real issue with mental health in our region, so I helped establish the South Burnett Suicide Prevention Group

Deb Frecklington Teamwork Delivers

Team Work Delivers Results

Tim Nicholls and I first worked together in 2012 when I was an Assistant Minister in the former LNP Government. During this time I was successful in removing over 9,000 regulatory requirements on business and delivered over $425 million in savings for business, the engine room of the Queensland economy and regional communities.

Tim and I are a team. We are a mix of both city and country, Liberal and National – meaning Queenslanders get the best of both traditions.