Meet Clinton Pattison - LNP for Algester

Meet Clinton Pattison

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My wife and I live in Hillcrest with our two daughters. We have lived here for nearly ten years and like many young families, we know the struggles of making ends meet.

My wife works in child care as an educator and I work in construction. Like many people in our part of town, I catch the bus into the city everyday to get to and from work. 

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As someone who moved around a fair bit when I was young, I always found getting involved in local sports a great way to get involved in my new neighbourhood.

I’ve been a coach for cricket and rugby, a volunteer surf lifesaver and now I help out at our neighbourhood watch group. It’s a good way to give something back to our community. 

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People are telling me that they’re doing it tough out here – their power bills go up; their rego goes up and they’re concerned if they can even get to work each day since the trains are unreliable and buses are overcrowded.

It’s not good enough and we deserve better. 

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As your local LNP candidate for Algester, I’m committed to fighting for our community. We need a government that will get the trains to run and build the roads our growing community needs.

We don’t need more inner-city trendies telling us to ride a bike or catch a bus – we need the buses to pick us up so we can get to work and pay the bills.

With your support in the state election, we can build a better Algester.