Meet Casie Scott - LNP for Townsville

Meet Casie Scott

LNP for Townsville

Casie Family


I come from a large, robust family and am the youngest of five children. My childhood was spent at our small family owned and run business, fishing and at the beach. My daughter Francesca was born in 2014.

As a single mother, I understand cost of living pressures, the right to feel safe in your own home and the need to ensure our children have job opportunities here in Townsville so they don’t need to move to gain employment.

Casie Community

An Active Community Member

I first came to Townsville almost two decades ago to study a Bachelor of Journalism at James Cook University. The big hearts of local people meant I was immediately embraced by the community and made to feel welcome from the moment I arrived.

As a broadcast journalist for over a decade, I was privileged to run the Channel Seven Newsroom in Townsville for almost four years. My role meant I got to spend my days out in our region, meeting locals and sharing their stories with the wider community.

Casie Locals

Listening to Locals

Locals are telling me skyrocketing crime, high unemployment and the water supply crisis are the top issues they would like to see fixed.

It is clear Townsville is being let down by the Palaszczuk Labor Government and its three ‘local’ representatives who are not delivering the leadership our great city needs. Townsville deserves better.

Casie Government

Team Work Delivers Results

As your Liberal National Party candidate for Townsville, I guarantee within 100 days of an LNP Government being elected, we will take action to secure the Townsville water supply, drive down crime across the city and get the ball rolling on a long term energy solution for the region.

I am a hardworking and passionate person who is dedicated to seeing Townsville reach its full potential as a vibrant, safe and prosperous city.