Tax increases on the cards in another Labor cash grab

  • Taxes set to go up by $34 per person in 2017-18 State Budget
  • Taxes have increased by more than $200 per family since Labor’s election
  • Labor’s only budget plan is to slug Queenslanders to pay for budget mismanagement

It’s been confirmed today Queenslanders will be slugged with higher taxes in tomorrow’s 2017-18 State Budget.**

Tomorrow’s State Budget will show taxes per person increasing to $2,691 – a $34 increase since the last budget update just six months ago.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson said taxes had increased by more than $200 per family under the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

“Before the election Labor promised no new or increased taxes, but since then they’ve increased car registration at double the inflation rate and broken a key promise not to slap new taxes on the property industry,” Mr Emerson said.

“Labor has shown time and again it can’t manage the budget and it is Queensland families who end up paying the price through higher taxes.”

Mr Emerson said households and businesses were also being gouged through higher power prices.

“Queenslanders are being slugged more because Labor has loaded up government-owned electricity companies with $5 billion of debt – forcing them to increase prices,” he said.

“Labor Treasurer Curtis Pitt says he wants to attract more businesses to Queensland, but how many businesses are going to want to come to a state where wholesale power prices have increased 70 per cent on his watch?”

**Budget facts:

  • Taxes per capita in 2017-18 State Budget - $2,691 (as reported in the Courier Mail this morning)
  • Taxes per capita in 2016-17 Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review - $2,657
  • Taxes per person have increased by $53 per person since Labor’s election

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