Stronger Families

Build Stronger Families

Queensland is stagnating, the community is crying out for leadership and we have a government stuck in neutral. Families and businesses are paying more through higher taxes and increased living costs, trains don’t run on time and hospital budgets are blowing out.

A Tim Nicholls led Liberal-National government will build a better Queensland. The LNP will provide better services in our hospitals and deliver for families and retirees and we’ll empower teachers and local school communities to focus on core subjects and improve teaching standards for all students.

Our Plan


Remove the limitation on claims for child sex abuse survivors


Make it harder for bail to be granted for alleged offenders charged with domestic violence-related crimes


Better protect our children with mandatory reporting for suspect child abuse in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector


Stop the politicisation of Queensland classrooms


No changes to the current laws surrounding abortion


Allow the police to apply for GPS monitoring as part of bail conditions of those charged with domestic-violence related crimes