Roads, Bridges & Dams

Build the Roads, Bridges and Dams we need 

Infrastructure spending is rapidly declining in Queensland under a Labor Government stuck in neutral. Labor’s first budget saw government infrastructure spending slashed by $2 billion and over the next four years it’s been cut by $3 billion. Instead of leading the way in job creation and economic growth we are falling behind.

The LNP is committed to properly planning and funding infrastructure projects to build a better Queensland. 

Our Plan


Implement the $500 million Royalties for Regions infrastructure program exclusively for regional Queensland


Implement a 10 year action plan to improve the Bruce Highway


Build new infrastructure including dams to provide water security and job creating agricultural projects


Work with the private sector to drive investment and jobs to deliver transformative job-creating projects 


Make available two regional casino licences to attract jobs and investment into regional Queensland


Grant ‘priority project’ status to a new economically viable coal-fired power station in North Queensland