Create Jobs

Create Jobs across Queensland and better manage our finances

Instead of leading the way in job creation and job security, we are falling behind the other states. Debt continues to head towards $80 billion, youth unemployment in some parts of Queensland is over 20% and in 2016 business investment fell by 23% meaning fewer jobs. 

Labor’s softly, softly approach is failing Queenslanders. Doing nothing is not working and the economy is hurting. 

The LNP believes that the best way to provide security for families in Queensland is a job. Unemployment and deteriorating economic conditions lead to many other societal problems including escalating crime, increased substance abuse and mental health issues. 

Our Plan


Implement a $100 million youth jobs package to tackle youth unemployment and assist small business


Make available two regional casino licences to attract jobs and investment into regional Queensland


Cut red tape by 20 per cent over six years so Queensland businesses can focus on creating jobs and employing more Queenslanders


Implement the $500 million Royalties for Regions infrastructure program exclusively for regional Queensland


Tools for tradies vouchers when tradies complete their apprenticeship to get the tools they need


Introduce a Container Deposit Scheme to not just better protect our environment but also create hundreds of jobs in Queensland’s recycling sector


Guarantee no lockout laws to provide certainty in our vibrant nightlife and hospitality industries


Apprenticeship boost incentive for businesses who take on a new apprentice from beginning to end


Increase tourism jobs by promoting key tourism destination to the world and rolling out free WiFi in local tourist communities


Jobs start incentive grants to assist businesses with the start up costs to hire young Queenslanders