Safe & Liveable Communities

Provide Safe and Liveable Communities

The Palaszczuk Labor Government is soft on crime and as a result, drug and violent crime is increasing and youth crime in North Queensland is out of control. There is no better demonstration of this than Annastacia Palaszczuk’s former Police Minister blaming Townsville residents for a recent crime spree. 

Under the LNP’s plan, families will be safer after we restore police powers to help get drugs like ICE out of our communities and organised crime and gangs out of Queensland. Queenslanders will be safer under an LNP Government focused on improving community safety for everyone by reducing crime and supporting victims of crime. 

Our Plan


Deny parole to convicted killers if they refuse to assist in revealing the location of their victims 


Strong stance on organised crime and keeping Queenslanders safe by closing down criminal bikie clubhouses


Stronger penalties for criminals to keep our community safe


Work for a nationally-consistent approach to phasing out single-use plastic bags 


Implement a workable container deposit scheme to clean up Queensland and better protect our environment 


Restore police powers to help get drugs like ICE out of our communities


Put people before crocs focusing on public safety and the long-term sustainability of crocodile populations 


Guarantee no lockout laws to provide certainty in our vibrant nightlife and hospitality industries