Better Government

Deliver Better Government – not More Government

Over the last few years Queensland has been held back by a government with a do-nothing attitude. Things seem to take forever to get done, whether it’s building a highway or getting a licence. It seems that rules and regulations get tougher and more difficult and no one can tell you why.

Other states like New South Wales and Victoria are now powering ahead of us and we are falling further behind. We need to bring back that frontier spirit, to open the state up for business and be a state of opportunity again. A state of hope, where you’re safe, have job security and enjoy a great quality of life. 

We’ll be a common-sense Government that listens, plans and acts to build a better Queensland. Because more government isn’t the answer to our problems – better government is.

Our Plan


Freeze family car rego for three years saving Queensland families with two 6-cylinder cars $200


Cut red tape by 20 per cent over six years so Queensland businesses can focus on creating jobs and employing more Queenslanders


Establish a Leaders of Tomorrow program to deliver better outcomes for Queenslanders 


Restore confidence to the personalised transport industry


Work with the private sector to drive investment and jobs to deliver transformative job-creating projects 


Ensure Queenslanders get a fair go at the petrol bowser